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May 1, 2012

About me?

Here I am writing about myself in the 3rd person
(about time for a small bio, lets get the art ball rolling!) - -
Nichole is a crazy Californian residing in the East Bay Area, who seeps artistry from the very veins of her soul. Multiple disciplines are chosen for her work, but her practices greatly dwell in photography, video, and installation. With that said, she also has a fond interest in the performing arts, illustration, and sculpture, which may often creep there way into works. Her work ponders around instantaneity and streams of consciousness. 
In 2011 she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Media Arts from The College of Humanities at San Jose State University. In San Jose she became an active student of CADRE laboratories and volunteered with the SJICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), while maintaining a spot on the Dean's List. She also showed with the SxM Guild (Sculpture and Experimental Media), upon her final solo show "get lost swirly eyes."  Before this accomplishment, much of her time was spent twiddling her thumbs at Allan Hancock College in Santa Maria, CA where an Associate in Arts was earned. Here she worked to present "My Colors," a solo show of cyanotype sun prints on a range of colored papers, created from digitally and manually produced enlarged negatives.
She continually strives to create work and develop ideas, whether it be shooting photographs with her toy cameras, or conceptually plotting an intricate multimedia installation. 
I'm not sure if this is appropriate...but I'll work with it for now.
Working on a portfolio on Tumblr...and pondering a physical portfolio book to be created on Blurb! only $10.95 for a 10" x 10" soft cover 20 pages. Not bad.


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