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April 27, 2012

Computer-phobic : Photo-centric

It's an odd thing when you DREAD going on your computer. Lately I've been feeling this way... but I understand that in today's times most people benefit from an online presence...(and I'm still pondering my entirely computer-free existence)... but in the meantime.

Today, with money needing to be saved for rent due on the first, it has been a day of grass root gardening and doggy chillin', but with the internet bill paid for and electricity running rampant in my house I figured it was time for a blog post.

With my email being flooded with notices from the Bay Area Art Grind (always inspiring and egging on the NEED to create new work), I pondered today if I really have a legitimate portfolio. I use this blog as a place for thoughts and tidbits of my works in progress and experimentations...but do I have a PORTFOLIO? 

This got me thinking...
  • I need to dedicate a full website to my work rather than having it scattered all over the web. 
  • I also need a hard copy so I can physically present my work if needed (this could take place in form of a DVD/CD or even a physical portfolio with high quality printed images and text.)
With that in mind... the focus (phocus, haha!) of my work has been purely photographic. I've been digging up my old cameras, mostly focus free cameras.

Loaded with film currently is 
+ Olympus OM-10 (currently not focusing/metering correctly)
+ Olympus Infinity II
(You can find my current album of photos from the above cameras HERE)
+ GP Herp (focus free 28mm) [currently have a roll being developed, loaded with a roll of Fuji Color 200 found in an old camera case at UrbanOre Berkeley]  UPDATE : The film was majorly heat damaged and did not come out at all. Bye bye $5 to a developing charge. Got it loaded currently so let's see what happens next time :) happy hopes!

Photos from 
Junkcars and Back-Yards

Film  ////////  Lomo X-Tungsten 35mm, & Fuji Provia 100 35mm

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