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June 22, 2012

Zines and New works.

Howdy all,

Thanks to Bay Area Art Grind I found an amazing opportunity to contribute to a color film zine based in Portland, Oregon called...
'" Incandescent "'.
This is a zine that supports amateur and up in coming color film photographers, allowing them to submit their work without a fee!
YES, without a FEE! Fantastic. It's FREE!
I have to admit, half the time I want to submit my work to a show, magazine, etc. I get so discouraged when I find out there is a fee. I work hard just to support myself and my love of photography among other art forms, and then just to pay to get your work considered can be hard. Sometimes you have to just bite the bullet and tell yourself it is worth it, but otherwise it is unsure of you getting your work shown that it is easy to forget about the entire opportunity and move on to the next (free) one.
But, not to be a wah wah cry baby about it! I'm going to submit some work...and among this brings me to some other zines/mags that have some great ongoing opportunities.


On another note ......................

Just got some film developed : : : : : :

>>> + + + + - - - - - Lomo Color 100 with and Olympus OM-10 /

C  H  E  E  R S !

June 1, 2012