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May 2, 2012

Making my first Blurb book

The book is titled :
(phishy) pHocus Pocus

obviously a play on words...i'll tell you what kind of words.

  • the ph refers to photography/photos
  • phishy comes from the word fishy, reference to fisheye camera, all photos are shot with a Lomography Fisheye No.1
  • pH may refer to its use in chemistry, chemicals used to develop these analogue photos, yup that's right - developed - FILM ya'll !

so now you put the words together and it makes for a fun saying and clever title (i think)

hmmmm i'm going to get a "pilot" book printed...and maybe try and market it? wouldn't that be amazing! WOW... thanks you are making my life so exciting now!


I am so sick of online crap, I like stuff I can hold in my hand. And a book you can!

In the meantime here is a proof preview of my 1st photography book :
View more documents from weirichnr

here is another preview courtesy of

[check it check it check it ]

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