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October 26, 2012

A place for Art Ideas

I have an idea (that revolves around other ideas).

Imagine a forum where multiple ideas are allowed to exist. Ideas from individuals all over the world. In particular, these would focus on ideas of art, in the vaguest sense (art is vague). The avant garde ----- the idea of art. Spider webbing outward.

Most people can relate to that moment of epiphany, where a great idea comes to you- but only to be disappointed when you no longer remember it. The idea was so great, you wanted to make it a reality, yet because it is forgotten, will never happen. There is also the challenge of realizing this idea. Most do not realize there great ideas, but what if someone else could? This isn't about copyright laws, patents, etc. This is about sharing great ideas, and networking to potentially one day make it a reality!

The ideas would flow amongst one another and be shared, and once shared, documented within this virtual library. From simplicit to complex, these ideas will be food for thought for whoever decides to interact.

This virtual library of art ideas would then provide a hub for individuals to contemplate the next steps.
I envision a funding program, that would allow individuals to realize any of these ideas, whether it be the idea generator or idea taker.

Call it.....
Brain Bust Out
Contemplative Creations

possibilities are endless