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July 4, 2011


A venture to the East Bay brought me to The Compound, an art gallery in Oakland holding a Compund Community group show and open studios. The Compound is a studio space where artists are able to work and show. It is a community that brings multiple art disciplines together. The fantastically pleasant and the fantastically quirky come together at the Compound.
Faye Kendall ... pine cones with teeth.

....then an adventure into Berkeley lead us to good ole Telegraph to find some old friends and an invitation to a game of hacky-sac and some free art from a traveling man name Joshua.
Joshua took photos of his work and reproduced them on small postcard size paper self matted on a piece of white matte board. His artwork ranged from experimentally manipulated photos upon photos, to reproduced photos of watercolor sketches and paintings.
Updates to come on the "free art" I was able to take with me.