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September 18, 2012


The internet brings offers too many tangents. It's the button clicking game. Can you stay on task? Will you discover something worthy?

Today I came across a photo blog in the midst of my various searching results. A woman by the name of Valerie J. Cochran started a photo blog called   your waitress  in 2004 of all analog photography. I can't help but be drawn to the name of the blog as well as the content. (Reason being...I am a waitress and a photographer...I can relate.) Most subject matter consists of urban landscapes and elements within. She once lived in Berkeley & Oakland, until a recent move to her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri.

ode to miss, san francisco 2008, film noir

Her blog reminded me alot of what I am interested in, as far as photography is concerned.

It is the spontaneous moments.
Time and Place
The urban setting.
The people.
The things
Subject Matter.
The composition.
The camera.
The film.
The Tools.

 The romanticism of the everyday can be exposed in a photograph. Especially when it is grainy!

good good taste, new york city 2008, these streets

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