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August 1, 2012

Twiddling twiddling... thumbs.
For many reasons.
But one reason being pay day - so that I can finally have enough money to pay for the 5 rolls of film I dropped off more than a month ago. Times are ruff.
In the meantime I have completely fired up an Instagram account, and seem to be semi-addicted.
One of my favorite past-times. Is this a bad thing?
It is amazing how you can transform a little shanty photo into a full fledge filtered medium format spectac-ulaaaar!

And a new infatuation... Taking pictures of pictures! WOW...

images below from Menu Design in America




was at my Mom's and found these blasts from my pricless...and I'm loving the collage potential with Instagram. Really fun.


So let's just hope I make some money soon so I can get those 5 rolls of film. Until then, CHEERS!

...and try not to twiddle your thumbs too much.

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