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August 8, 2012

Going, going, back to, back to...


should I? With my skills not exactly fitting into the competitive job arena of today i feel it may be time to pump up the volume with a more credible educational background. The perks of re-entering the educational arena is the potential to collaborate and connect with individuals with similar goals.

An area I would like to gain some experience is film/video production. The nitty gritty stuff, like handling cameras and organzing sets. Maybe even directing. I have an eye for composition. Oooooooh...this makes me think of Federico Fellini, the Italian film maker. I want to live in his films.

On the other hand....

I just found a great article/resource for film/art schools in the Bay Area. The article ranges experience from community college, to graduate studies, to organizations that offer seminars and certificate programs.

just in...

 Black & white. Agfa 100 w/ GP Hero focus-free

Black & white, color neg. Kodak 400 w/ GP Hero focus-free

Lomo Color neg. 100 w/ 35mm Panorama-mask

Lomo Redscale w/ 35mm Panorama-mask

Lomo X-Tungsten 64 w/ GP Hero focus-free

Find more photos from all 5 series HERE!

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