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February 13, 2012

Toy Camera dreams!

This weekend I decided to participate in a "Meet Up" with the Lomographic Society in San Francisco. I couldn't resist the !!FREE!! in the event name - if you attended you would receive a FREE roll of 120 film (medium format) and a Diana F+ camera to borrow. I wasn't sure what I was getting into, but as soon as all the "Meet Up" participators set out in downtown San Francisco for a photo excursion I knew the enthusiasm for experimental photography was rampant.
Taking place at the Lomography Gallery Store at 309 Sutter a group of what looked like a class field trip meandered through crowds and crosswalks happily snapping shots of whatever seemed right. The Diana F+ has the ability to manually expose, and create multiple exposures on the same frame.

I will post these photos once they are developed! I have never used 120 film before, so this should be interesting.

Never having the money to invest in such a camera, I have limited my analogue photography to my Fisheye camera (for the most part, just can't get enough of it), but I feel it may be time for a change. It won't be a complete conversion, but a new adventure in experimenting with different photographic formats.
Below are the next two cameras I have in mind :

Holga 120 TLR Twin Lens Reflex Medium Format Plastic Camera |

& A & N & D &

Lomographic Society Diana Mini 35mm Half Frame Camera |


To see the photos from the Diana F+ excursion, and a black and white roll of Fisheye I just got developed @ PhotoLab in Berkeley.

------> > > > > click here! < < < < <------

Below are just a few photos captured on the Diana F+ 120 format camera:

Two faces : double exposed

Crossing the street in a crosswalk : Triple exposed

Photographers looking at camera : Triple exposed

Red pinstriped man : Triple exposed

The red car : double exposed

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