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February 3, 2012

Unplanned Run-ins

Sometimes I wonder what else is out there in the world for me. I know it is not my calling to work as a server - though it has been my source of money for quite some time. The romantic in me says there is something else out there --- maybe it will be here soon. To be honest, I enjoy the serving role - a main reason that I get to work with REAL people. Almost being done with school I fear a job that will force me to sit on my rump in front a computer. To be completely honest, I have developed some kind of computer phobia. This is the reason I chose to live without the internet in my studio apartment for an entire year. It can consume you - and that is the last thing I need. I need more than that in life - the question is, how do you find this? The answer could be to START it myself. Now there's a challenge.
Working as a server you do the "small talk" thing. Is this how good conversations start? I wouldn't know. I'm not exactly the best communicator, though I do enjoy good conversation when it naturally uprises.

And here is where Unplanned Run-in begins:
Customers come in. Tell me they have a few more on the way. They want to sit and have coffee in the meantime. The rest of their party wanders in, and they slowly begin to look at the menu, though it is obvious they are catching up with each other. It is always fun to wait on people from out of state or out of country. Small talk starter nailed. It may seem like it is a cheatingly good way to start up a conversation, but you'd be surprised. When you ask people where they are from it becomes a whole new conversation of new experiences and such. I noticed that these customers were really taking the time to look at the watercolors on the walls. Instantly I knew art was somehow a large part of their life. I actually picked up the artist vibe when I noticed someone brought in their very own ceramic coffee mug, of odd contortions and colors, most likely handmade. I told the customers they were more than welcome to look in the back room, which is normally closed for service at lunch hours, but held more paintings. They casually walked around the room, in a museum-like fashion. I decided to ask what there plans were for the day, and time spent in California. (The couple in the group was visiting from Massachusetts.) They expressed a desire to go check out some art galleries and museums. I tried to inform them of the museums I knew about - picking my brain as much as I could. We then began to talk about photography. Kirk, expressed his interest in still using film. YES. Instant bells ringing in my ears. I still use film as well, and from there we began to talk about why we shoot with film, where we develop, and the sad reality of disappearing dark rooms. A quirky detail to his photography. He uses disposable cameras! Now isn't that a great idea! A great idea I had considered, after many shopping hours put in a Grocery Outlet down the street, where they are selling obviously outdated disposable cameras in the check out aisles. $4.99 though. But I guess Creativity Holds No Price. Price is that nasty inhibition that capitalists hang over our finite heads. From that day on I was inspired to quit my money shortage whining and do it all for Creativity.
The ultimate realization of ultimate inspiration - A tactile card sent in the mail from Kirk expressing his appreciation for a lovely Lunch at the restaurant, with 2 original 5x7 glossy photographs attached. Sub-notes are the ones contained in the card.

Solano Grill & Bar (Skylight - I was standing on a chair.)
This picture completely fooled me until I read the sub-note. Perspective is mind twisting.

Hotel Stairwell, Monterey

Photographs by Kirk Etherton, 2011
" - and missing the Northern California light."

S i d e N o t e :
From this letter pawned an inspiration. Photo-gram Pen-pals? An entire exhibition of photography sent through the mail. Mail- art. Now I'm thinking about Ray Johnson. Watch How to Draw a Bunny.
OOOh Nostalgia - I love you!

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