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January 5, 2012


A morning of sorting laundry, distracted by coffee and hoop dancing to Lauryn Hill and Ace of Base (don't ask), and postponing my jury summons has led me to an idea. Well a couple ideas --- Maybe this started last night...I felt inspired. I've been in a rut, with lack of inspiration to create.
Last night my brain started to tease me a little bit.
I'm thinking of all those wine boxes at work that get chucked. Beautiful wood boxes with nifty lids. Could this become a pinhole camera? I need to investigate the PhotoLab down the street from my house.
Go to UrbanOre and exercise my hoarding tendencies and make some dioramas?

Looking forward to Krowswork's upcoming exhibit THE SF BAY: A MEDIAMORPHOLOGY opening this first Friday at Oakland's Art Murmur!

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