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December 22, 2011

the evil tool

Just taking peer at the work of Nik Hanselmann of Oakland, CA.
Brought me to thoughts of the computers role in making art. It plays a roll if you allow it. Once you bring it into your work it becomes a part of it. It is initiative followed by the action. If you choose to draw you must have a drawing utensil. Maybe one could argue that they could "draw with their brain," but I would argue that the brain is the one tool all humans have in common. The brain is part of human existence.

Now...going back to the idea of the tool. As an artist we use tools. Tools to help us create and interpret our vision. Without these tools, art would be hard to create. The dancers tool is their body. The photographers tool is the camera. The illustrator tool is a mark making device. Say...the illustrator takes a nicely sharpened, long pencil to the number of their desire. An anti-art character comes along and snags the pencil from the illustrator and snaps it in half. Though the pencil is snapped in half, there is still the chance for it to once again be sharpened and used. Unfortunately depending on the capability of the artist, the tool may have been ideal at its original length. Now the work is compromised due to the compromised tool.

Same goes for a computer. If your computer is your tool, and it has been compromised in some way, whether over the wear and tear of time, or an instantaneous attack such as a virus or physical damage, the work coming being made with this tool is also compromised.

Moral of the story...

Computers are expensive so if your going to make the computer your tool, think twice or have lots of money.

(I should of stuck with illustration)
Still enlightened.

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