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May 16, 2013

Just in...

Just got in some new developments.

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  1. Ha roadkill!
    What is the one following the roadkill picture? The one with the broom...

  2. Yes that roadkill was directly in front of my house one morning. Dirty dirty. I got home the same day after work and noticed the possum had been moved along just a bit by passing cars. I said "eeeeeeew" and then some people across the street offered to pick it up for me, as long as i had a black plastic bag. I took up the offer and got two black bags, plus some gloves. The guy strapped on the gloves, and took the bag. He picked it up by the tail, then slightly panicked as he asked where the trash can was. Not even leaving me time to answer, he frantically ran to the neighbors trash can, which was the first in sight, and chucked the possum, out of bag and in the flesh, into the garbage. He ran away with a loud and manly "yuck" and whipped off the gloves and through them on the ground.
    Throughout the hot week the trash began to smell.

    Story of the day. Sorry Su, I thought you might appreciate it!

    ANYWAY... the picture below the roadkill is the top of the USS Pampanito Submarine in the Embarcadero of San Francisco. I guess the broom on top mean they successfully sunk all enemy ships. WWII stuff! Right behind the Musee Mecanique, which if you havent been should definitely go next time your up here. A whole museum of old arcade/carny/coin op machines!