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April 10, 2013

Smiling Faces

There is something about portraiture that I love. My method is a little spontaneous, but for some reason I always enjoy the results. I like to put the camera in the person's face and just snap it. Is that wrong? I love the moment of surprise that is or is not captured. The people that pretend your not there, and the ones that throw on a cheesy one just for you. 

These photos were taken at a the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco during the last Radiohead's Kid A Undercover event. 

They were taken with a disposable camera i bought at a thrift store in the Mission. I didn't know if the film was damaged or not, but with the camera well equipped with a flash I decided to shoot till the end.

It was fun.

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  1. I really like the pictures you and your sis took at my bachlorette party. I think they came out with more feeling than the ones taken with the digital camera I had.