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April 5, 2013

Centrifugal Powa'

I don't know how, when, or where I began to become obsessed with the CIRCLE as a geometric object, idea, and way of life.

Maybe it was my day 'trip' watching centrifugal designs beam down from the sun. Spots, lines, and patterns of color.
Maybe it was my investigation into the art of hoop dancing. The power to keep the hoop flowing continuously with the movement of your body.

Sphere Fascination.

Then I remember when I was in High School I doodled on the back of my notebook a drawing that rooted from the center and evolved outward to the edges of the paper. This was not a perfect circle, but definitely a mandala in its formation. I remember being so happy with that drawing, and truly finding a love for creation with a pen in that moment.

These different experiences have moved me to love the circle as not only a form, but an idea. It is ever present in so many natural states. Think of plants that grow as it spawns into something larger. It starts from a small seed. The roots of life. The milky way with it's mystical swirl. The spherical state of the planets.

This shape repeats itself all over the universe. It is one of the most sublime concepts to confer.

It is meditational. Therapeutic. Reassuring. Relatable.



images 1-3 (taken at Berkeley Art Museum)
images 4-6 (original works by Nichole Weirich)

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  1. I have often considered making sand/seed mandalas as a way to relax. Since I don't have an outside area like Labyrinth ( a sand mandala seems like it would be both pretty, compact and relaxing to do.