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January 23, 2013

I now have a FISHEYE once again!

Life is SO good.

I didn't realize what I was missing out on.
Yes, I loved playing around with other cameras ... but ... FISHEYE is my one true love.


I have another roll coming soon...
As always please visit my Portfolio to see my other works.



  1. Portfolio linky no worky :(

    What camera are you using to take these? I love your fisheye shots, one day I shall attempt. For now I have been test driving my new camera. But I have been lacking in time to sit and learn. I guess there is no better way than learning by doing right?

    1. oh su I love you. I just redirected my tumblr to my own personal url. its probably switching over currently. if is doesn't sync up in a few more days I will need to investigate!

      I used a fisheye no. 2 from lomography. check out for some fun cameras. you can even buy different film there too. film with tints/ different speeds/ colors/ etc.

      "learning by doing" is the best whether with digital or film. just keep at it, try new things, then you'll find your nack!

      if you ever want to nerd out with cameras look no furthur! your girl is right here :)

    2. Lomography is a wonderful company that is doing their damnedest to keep art around. But it seems to me these days people would rather not experiment themselves and instead use photoshop as a crutch.

      Love the pictures, I'm not too big a fan of fish eyes but I do love my wide angle attachment on my holga :-) What kind of film did you use?

    3. @hardkoretom
      agreed...i love Lomography. Some people don't realize the 'root' of where these photoshop ideas come from. It all all come from that hands on process of film, that allowed for imperfections and happy accidents all at the same time.

      I've been wanted to experiment with a Holga so horribly bad. I just haven't invested in one. If I did a wide angle attachment would be one of my first investments.

      I use so many different kinds of film. Anything from the cheapest Kodak Gold, to Fuji Provia, to Ilford Black and White... it just changes all the time. Here I used FujiFilm 400.
      Thanks for looking!