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November 22, 2012

M u s h - r o o m s

Went on an adventure in Tilden Park today.

While shooting with film...I also couldn't resist the quick cell phone cam shot.

It was a mushroom kind of day.

You had to really keep an eye out for the small ones.

Many popping out of the moist intertwines of poison oak, wild blackberry vines and fallen redwood leaves. I've always been intrigued by mushrooms, particularly for there wide ranging properties.

It was a magical day.

The magic was in the sublime.

all photos by Nichole Weirich
edited with Instagram & Photo Grid Android Apps.


  1. I am now going to be a subscriber of your blog. :) I miss you chica, great shots of mushis, way to go.

    1. Sue Tron....I miss you too! I think I'm following you on Tumblr...haha...lets's go mushroom hunting together! If you ever want to visit we have a spare room for you to comfortably sleep. I hope you had a lovely Turkey Day....and a hello to Joey, Snarky and the other doggy (can't remember name!)

    2. Thanks Nich, I axed my tumblr for content... check here for stuff:

      And after the new year I will make plans to come and visit. I would really enjoy that. Ginger is the other doggy. :) Say hola to Señor Jack for me.