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May 31, 2012

hello Photoshop.

I have been reluctantly avoiding Photoshop. Why? I have been avoiding the computer.
I used to be so amazed with Photoshop, and have since become so infatuated with producing images with the 'altered' quality via analogue. It is amazing what you can produce the good old fashion way using hands on processes, versus what you can produce in a computer program. I have always loved 'messing' around in Photoshop. I love how you can take digitized film negatives and begin to work on your computer with these 'grain' produced images.

The old can become the new. But can the new become the old? (ponder ponder)

The oh-so popular app which originated for the iPhone, called Instagram, has taken the analogue style of film, and tried to replicate it with Photoshop pre-set filters to achieve a certain look.
It begins with either choosing or taking a photo. Then you crop it down to a square, or what was once called 'medium format' which could be achieved by using a camera that takes 120 film (among other methods). Then you choose your pre-set filter, and volaire, you have created an Instagram. Within a few swipes of your little finger a vintage-esque photo is created within your phone.

Many users of Instagram may forget that once upon a time there was film and little cameras with buttons and a shutter that captured photographs. One of a kind. It was through MANY factors that a photo may become 'altered.' Whether it be a roll of film shot on the wrong ISO or in undesired (or desired) lighting conditions, or toning processes for a silver gelatin print, just to name a few. Even a polaroid that spontaneously developed with complications. These methods, whether happy accidents or intentional are the basis of where these ideas of manipulation rooted.

With all this in mind I decided to get semi-creative today and take some photos on my phone. I then emailed them to myself, downloaded then, and montaged them in Photoshop.

Here are some renditions all shot and edited by mee ooo weeee! :

V.E.G. Day series 


With all that said I would like to acknowledge after neglecting Photoshop for awhile, I have definitely become rusty. But regardless...I have always liked it for making wacky imagery. The more experimental and spontaneous the better for me!

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