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May 3, 2012

the Digital Glitch

For some reason my computer cannot play videos anymore. It all happened when Facebook forced me to install a new Flash Player to watch videos. From then on any video I watch on YouTube twitches with a static jolt the entire time, while audio comes in just fine. It is interesting to see tidbits of the actual video peep through the bits of "remembered" imagery shaking around in the video window.
It is so frustrating, but I had an epiphany when using YouTube to listen to music, as this is the only use for YouTube on my computer now.
(P.S. Vimeo works perfect...thank you Vimeo).

The epiphany :

This "digital glitch" occurring on YouTube is something one would have a hard time replicating in any program. It is almost as if the computer is creating it's own expression by certain software not supporting the video. With the ability to capture video on your computer screen it would be an interesting technique to capture this "glitch" and allow it to take place in a video of some kind. No need for special effects or editing. The glitch occurs all on its own, and provides material that may be desirable.

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