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November 9, 2011

Switch New Media Journal

It has been long overdue that I acknowledge my recent affiliation with Switch New Media Journal. A fellow colleague of mine by the name of Dan Coyote approached me with this opportunity as the so-called grapevine lead him to believe I was the "video guru" of the Digital Media Art department.
By no means do I feel like a "guru" of the moving image genre, but I do have a great appreciation for the medium, and dabble in it with my own art making. There are SO many makers of this art form, it is nearly impossible to be aware of it all. (But isn't every art medium like that!)
Regardless, I still follow may artists, and enjoy the exploration of discovering artists that I like (personally), and learning about the medium as it has progressed over time (and is still progressing).

I have named the up-coming video section "Grains to Gigs."

And Why? :
The moving image has made its way from the bare minimums of photographic recording to the ever present gigabyte gathered in a digital device. This moving image serves as a documentation of the time in which we live, being used in multiple ways. Domestic? Public? Artistic? The possibilities are endless. It is a tool, transformed by the user. Technology has changed the approach of making the moving image over time. Today many people have access to recording devices that keep information stored as a gigabyte. These files are the "reels" of today. From the "film" of "then," to the "video" of "now," this short amount of time has allowed an interesting progression that deserves homage. Here is where we explore the the moving image in all mediums, as a form of art.

With this opportunity I have had the privileged to be in contact with some amazing artists that I truly admire.
Tania Mouraud

Torsten Zenas Burns

among other art enthusiasts ...
Wyatt Niehaus & Dorothy Santos

Look out for SWITCH's next publication at the site, new articles coming this December!
ART, literally, all over the map!

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